ICT for Green Growth

It is a VIRTUAL Knowledge Management and Capacity Building Platform FOR SMART CITY SOLUTIONS

Identification, categorization and manipulation of knowledge resources, used of Knowledge sharing and provide personalized Content for smart city practitioners


Monitoring & Evaluation Solution

Mobilepedia M & E solution is a Cost Effective & Scalable Solution

The objective of this application is to improve piped water and sanitation services rural communities through decentralized delivery systems and to increase the capacity of the States to respond promptly and effectively to an Eligible Crisis or Emergency



Srishti: Mother and Child Healthcare Tracking System

Mother and Child Healthcare Tracking System is built as per the NRHM guidelines and is used for Monitoring & Managing Health on Ground

Mobile Application based health care management solution to reduce cost and overhead, and avoid unplanned network interruptions in delivering the availability and performance that State health care services demand


Fiware Shared Services Platform

The FIWARE platform provides a rather simple yet powerful set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that ease the development of Smart Applications in multiple vertical sectors. The specifications of these APIs are public and royalty-free. Besides, an open source reference implementation of each of the FIWARE components is publicly available so that multiple FIWARE providers can emerge faster in the market with a low-cost proposition



SLBConnect(Citizen feedback System)

An Application which not only engages citizens in monitoring the performance of public services but also encourages them to demand better services. It has an easy-to-use panel that gives valuable analytical insights on civic engagement in the city

The application has a special designed format for entering data on the accessibility, continuity, quality and adequacy of the availability of public services by the government for the communities administrative and other basic services


Watershed- Process Monitoring system

IWMP (Integrated Watershed Management Program) is large scale project, in which process monitoring is important to get visibility and results

Process Monitoring System track all activities of Watershed project from Inception to Completion. It provides almost Real time monitoring of project implementation across multiple locations. It facilitates Tracking of individual project components and activities



One City One App Solution

It is as Collaborative platform which provide applications for govt for monitoring and budgeting, application for healthcare, unified app for citizen services and Dashboard and analytics for Citizens and City Management


Pregnancy care

Mobile Application based health care monitoring solution for woman. This application supports woman during the entire lifecycle of pregnancy and provided the woman necessary information regarding there trimester



Town Hall: Cloud-based citizen engagement platform

Town Hall Platform facilitates Performance review of government programs on the basis of the feedback from the citizens on the public services availed by them

It is a mobile and web-based cloud platform that helps government agencies carry out Action Accountability probe by collecting feedback on public services directly from the citizens


Grievance Redressal System Application

An application which citizen can use to lodge their complaint/feedback on various municipal services

Application and the associated back end system are designed to automatically issue a ticket and route the complaint to appropriate department and there is a beck end reporting system for the department to keep a track on action taken



Public Health Inspection (PHI) Application

Application which facilitates Govt Officials to do on field inspection of various hotels, food and beverages joints for compliance with health and hygiene guidelines of the local authorities. It generates automatic grading system based on the information filled by the user in the mobile application and license of the outlets can be issued / revoked based upon the information collected from the field


e-Business Barometer Application

The objective of the Business Barometer is to assess the pulse of the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the formal and informal sectors. The Barometer analyse the business environment these MSMEs operate in. It also analyses their business performance at a sub national level in order to gain insights into critical factors that influence their performance.



Disability Profiling and Monitoring Application

Tool is for identification and creation of profile of the disabled in the locality. It captures the details of the health condition of the disabled with the details of assistance required by the disabled and monitors the details of the assistance provided to the disabled


Revenue Management for Municipalities

RMT is a comprehensive solution aimed at enhancing the revenue management practices in the local government authorities which captures the revenue and expenditure details, stores the Yearly revenue targets and expenditure budget plan, captures monthly revenue data collected and monthly expenditure details



Bus- Route Application

An application for the citizens for Tracking of bus routes in a city, searching bus route according to source and destination of stop, searching bus route on the basis of bus no, helps in route Planning and provide visualization of routes on Google Map


Incubation Center Management System

The Incubation Center Management System provides incubators, accelerators, startups, mentors and investors with an end-to-end data management, collaboration and analytics platform.



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