ICT For Green Growth

ICT for green growth

It is a VIRTUAL Knowledge Management and Capacity Building Platform FOR SMART CITY SOLUTIONS

Identification, categorization and manipulation of knowledge resources, used of Knowledge sharing and provide personalized Content for smart city practitioners


  • Mainstreaming the knowledge exchange activities as an integral part of the learning&capacity building programs across the government agencies and private partners (SPVs)in selected and aspiring Smart Cities in India and connecting them with theircounterparts globally.
  •  Establishing institutional framework for systematic knowledge management, sharing and transfer among the participating agencies
  • Enable Smart City practitioners to access a range of knowledge documents, technology trends, idea notes and case studies to be able to apply this knowledge in the delivery of their functions, roles and responsibilities
  • Replicate Global Smart Cities Good practices in India by setting up a peer exchange network. Korean practitioners (Phase I) and other smart city practitioners across the globe (Phase II)
  • Undertake face to face interactions through knowledge exchange study tours, workshops and technical boot camps based upon demand of Indian practitioners.

A Smart Cities Knowledge System Enabling:

  • Collaboration (via communities, blogs, forums)
  • Finding People (agencies, experts, businesses, academia, civil society) that work with green growth smart cities solutions
  •  Finding Cities (Indian, Korean, and in the future others) working with smartcities.
  • A Document Library
  • Showing Case Studies
  • All structured around a methodological hierarchy (knowledge map)

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