e-Business Barometer Tool

The objective of the Business Barometer is to assess the pulse of the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the formal and informal sectors. The Barometer analyse the business environment these MSMEs operate in. It also analyses their business performance at a sub national level in order to gain insights into critical factors that influence their performance.

The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Business Barometer looks into the  internal and external factors MSMEs operate in

Business Environment Barometer (BEB) Tool

  • Business Environment Barometer (BEB) tool collects, organizes, analyzes and reports experiences and perceptions of selected sample of entrepreneurs from the Micro, Small and Medium enterprise (MSME’s) and informal sector/Unorganized sector of a locality
  • Barometer reports on a set of predetermined indicators that reflect the state of the business environment at the state/district level
  • Data generated is used to project top line trends, create a comparative visualization across different regions, to help policy makers create policy and practices aimed at removing constraints to growth

Outputs of the tool

  •  Scoring and weightage will depend on the weightage of the individual score
  • Based on the score, condition for doing business is interpreted
  • The descriptive data obtained will provide reasons for inefficiencies, areas of improvement and general information.
  • The insights gained from the survey on performance and growth potential of MSMEs will assist policymakers as well as other non-governmental and private organizations.
  • These insights will help them in designing polices to support MSMEs as well as assessing the impact of policies already implemented.

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